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Micanopy Fall Craft Festival

Micanopy Florida is a scenic location for a fall arts and crafts festival. Micanopy is the town that time forgot. This quiet little town bustles with activity as the vendors pour into town and fill Cholokka Boulevard. Many local artists, crafters, and musicians participate in the festival, as well as other artists from across the southeast. The tradition and ever evolving quality of the show attracts a broad range of the buying public. Along with the two hundred displays of arts and crafts there are many other attractions. The main stage plays host to a variety of good time music throughout the festival.

The Micanopy Fall Festival Committee 
works diligently to accommodate the wants and needs of the town’s people, the vendors who participate in the festival, and the public. The committee greatly appreciates the quality and professionalism exhibited by the artists and crafters. We welcome you to come and enjoy our community for a weekend of fun and profit by showing off your imaginative creations. See you in the fall.


Pick Up Location: Winn Dixie (Sumter Landing)
The Villages, FL 32162
(Please Park On the Side Closest to Morse) 

Price: $35 Per Person

Bus driver tip not included

Details -
​​8:30AM - 4:30PM
Round-trip Transportation